Hishida Shunsou
Biographical Information
Kanji 菱田春草
Birthday September 21
Hobby Walking
Job Artist and art student
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 170cm
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese KENN
Shunsou was a famous artist but his art technique was criticized due to it being “different” from the standard at the time. He comes from quite a good family but is freeloading in Ougai’s house.


Quiet and reserved, can be snarky and apathetic at first but is probably the only one who could stand Ougai’s antics. If his artist mode is switched on however


Shunshou is art student who gets excited suddenly whenever he goes into artist mode, he comes from quite a good family but is freeloading in Ougai’s house. When he gets excited, he uses words that sounds like he’s seducing someone. He used it on a black cat before (which later became one of his most famous art pieces), on seafood, and on you one day when you were being his model.

His story focuses on how the black cat from his paiting turned into a bakenokami like Ougai’s and you’re always trying to get it back for him because you can see spirits. Although Shunsou initially thinks you’re a pain in the neck, he eventually comes to see helping you as necessary. He comes to get jealous of Ougai, as in this route you’re still prentending to be Ougai’s fiance, but since he’s a freeloader and respects Ougai, Shunsou is often troubled as to how he should express his feelings.

In good end, the black cat returns to his painting.


  • The first time he meets Mei he calls her shameless when he sees her in her miniskirt school uniform, leading her to change into whatever is available in the house