Kawakami Otojirou
Biographical Information
Kanji 川上音二郎
Birthday February 8
Hobby Acting
Job Actor
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 177cm
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Toriumi Kousuke
An actor and political activist who gets arrested all the time (but still gets away free anyway) He crossdresses and works as a geisha for money to support his acting troupe.


Despite the fact that he is crosdressing he got quite a masculine personality and acts like a big brother to those younger than him.


While Mei escapes from the Rokumeikan she meets Otojirou while she was hiding in a corner wondering what to do. As Otojirou was dressed as a woman, Mei follows him back to a geisha’s lodging and stay with him in that room for a month. Izumi Kyouka frequently visits Otojirou, whom he knows is a guy, because Otojirou is an theatre actor who always forcefully grabs Kyouka’s scripts to act. Kyouka is a famous scriptwriter despite being so young.

Mei somehow discover he’s a man because he comes home drunk one night and his wig fell off.

His story focuses on how he trains Mei to become a geisha and his resulting jealousy since you start getting popular with the men who call for geishas, including Izumi Kyouka who takes an interest in your unknown origins.

One of the plays he’s practising for (written by Kyouka) is a story of a water goddess who wants to go meet her lover in another lake, but once she comes out of the lake, the village will be drowned. Otojirou’s route focuses on him almost getting swallowed by his character and the heroine saves him from getting too deep into his character.

In good end, he manages to stage a successful performance and he brings you to America with him, with his mobile theatre group as they aim for international success.