Mori Ougai
Biographical Information
Kanji 森鴎外
Birthday February 17
Hobby Gardening
Job Novelist, army surgeon, translator
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 176cm
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Namikawa Daisuke
Ougai is talented and charismatic, being a novelist, translator, and army surgeon.  Having lived abroad, he’s more open to new things than the average Japanese person of that era. He lives in the same mansion with Hishida Shunsou.


He’s charismatic, romantic and very gentleman-like, although quite persistent when he wants to be. Also, as Shunsou puts it, a weirdo as well.

Visión generalEdit

One day after you return, Ougai hugs you and calls Mei his fiance. So to give you the real right to be a fiance, he makes you study Manners etc to display at the end of the month at a contest.

His route focuses on how Mei thinks he has some other woman he loves yet is always trying to get close to Mei (due to his kind friendly character). He brings her around town, treats her to food often and is generally always concerned for her safety. On top of that, Mei always see a beautiful Eurasian woman standing outside the gates so until Ougai tells Mei that the girl is actually a mononoke (spirit) and Mei resist falling in love with him. This woman is a bakenokami, a spirit that escaped from his novel and roams around. Sometimes they go back into the work, sometimes they don’t.

In the end Mei doesn’t win the contest since the results are actually decided by one’s household status, Mei runs off but Ougai chases after Mei and confesses that he wants Mei as his fiance, whether approved or not. In the good end, the woman returns to Ougai's story and Mei marries Ougai, staying in the mansion and all.


  • Él llama a Mei "Pequeña ardilla" a la que Shunsou siempre se ha convertido en una mascota que reconoce.
  • Translation for above: He calls Mei "Little Squirrel" to whom Shunsou has always turned into a recognizable pet.
  • Ougai has some weird traits like collecting new decorations and stripping naked suddenly because he has to bathe at a specific time.
  • His favorite food is hot red bean bun on rice, with tea poured over it.

Galería Edit